Happy Easter with lots of flowers

Don’t just enrich your interior during Easter with a few flowers, but choose lots. Green is hip and happening and indoor gardens are the new trend.

Just as important

The rise of greenery is clearly visible. Flowers and plants play a significant role in our lives. They have become just as important as the rest of our interior. Indoor landscaping is a new phenomenon: creating small inner gardens in your own living room. Try it for yourself and immerse yourself in greenery for Easter.


Creating your own flower area in Easter style is not only beautiful, but also fun to do. Rather than a flower here and there, you can combine several flowers, bouquets, bowls or bulbs in a pot. You can make it as small or grand as you like. A vase with flowers alone creates impact, but you can also use several vases, bowls or a large pot with potted bulbs.

Harbingers of spring

Easter symbolizes spring and new life. Daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and ranunculus lend themselves perfectly to this purpose. They bring a real Easter atmosphere because they are the harbingers of spring. Choose varieties in different shades of yellow, supplemented with brick red. The red breaks through the yellow color palette and turns it into a fresh, varied ensemble.