Hello spring

Hello spring!

It’s tulip time again! Celebrate spring with fresh, locally grown tulips. Have fun choosing from various colors, flower shapes and vases.


Bringing the season’s first tulips home is always a special moment. You might want to start out modestly with a pretty bunch in your favorite color. Next time, choose a mixed bunch, or cluster three bunches together. Tulips are available not only in a wide range of tempting colors, but many different flower shapes as well – from crisply contoured flowers to lavishly fringed varieties. And from subtle little tulips to big double tulips that look very much like peonies. Tulip time is just beginning, so you still have lots of time to experiment.

Keep calm & welcome spring

Flowers connect us with the seasons. They create a bridge between the world of nature and our indoor lives. Tulips are 100% natural – and 100% spring. You just can’t go wrong with tulips! Luckily for us, tulip growers make sure that there are plenty of tulips available as soon as we start thinking about spring.

Locally grown

Tulip growers are in among the flowers at the crack of dawn to cut a dewy-fresh bunch of flowers for you. The faster that bunch of tulips gets from its harvest location to a vase in your home, the fresher they are and the longer you can enjoy them. A good reason, thus, to buy tulips from a grower in your own country. (The country of origin is often stated on the sleeve in which the tulips are packaged.)


You’ve probably seen them before: botanical drawings of tulips still attached to their bulb. Yet it’s still a little miracle that every tulip – such a striking flower – started out as an ‘ordinary’ flower bulb. Ask your florist sometime if you can buy tulips as cut flowers with the bulbs still attached. Stunning in a glass vase that also puts the bulbs on display. Having tulips in pots (for outdoors or indoors) is also a nice way to watch their growth process.


  • Pay tribute to the tulip. Select a unique specimen and find a spot in your living room or office where it will catch the eye. Parrot tulips, with their fancifully fringed petals, are natural eye-catchers anyway.
  • Or accompany a lovely tulip with a handwritten card in which you’ve included a beautiful, affectionate or inspiring quote. What a nice spring greeting to give a dear friend of yours.

A vase parade

You can never have too many vases. When tulip time rolls around, get all of them out of the cabinet. What about the ones in your collection that you may have forgotten? That little one hidden away in back would be just perfect for a little tulip. And your largest-of-all vase will be a real show-stopper when you fill it with an amazing bouquet of mixed tulips. Have fun!

Styling ideas

  • Cluster your prettiest little (glass) vases together. Distribute various kinds of tulips – different colors, flower shapes and heights – among them. Now that says spring!
  • Even more springtime? Arrange tulips with budding branches. A beautiful way to depict the change of the seasons: from winter to spring.

Care tips

Tulips are really easy-care flowers. When you get them home, trim about an inch from the stems. Arrange the flowers in a clean vase with fresh water and floral preservative (you can also get floral preservative especially formulated for tulips). Give tulips planted in pots a little water now and then. Enjoy!