Home as a natural zen spot

Feel like being pampered? Why not do it yourself! Add some bulb flowers to make your home a soft inviting cocoon: the perfect place to settle in and relax.

Positive energy

It seems like the world is becoming grimmer and grimmer. If you find this disillusioning, you aren’t the only one. Unkindness and turmoil fill the media every day. What we need more and more is some positive energy to put some distance between ourselves and a less caring world. How can you do it? Shake off that negativity by taking advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer! Plants and flowers make a refreshing change and add to a sense of comfort. Say good-bye to the cruel world and hello to relaxation.

An oasis of calm

Bulb flowers like daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and Persian buttercups gradually help you let go of that negativity. They have exactly what it takes to make you feel better and relax. Parrot tulips and double-flowered tulips give your home an even softer look. But so do the delicate rounded shapes of Persian buttercups – so pretty you’ll want to dive right into them. Use bulb flowers in soft pastels such as creamy white and pastel pink to create your own little oasis of calm.