Home Decoration Trend 2024 – Meaningful Earth

The environmental concerns that have kept our minds occupied for several seasons are reflected in this home decoration trend. We realize more and more that biodiversity and nature are indispensable for a healthy living environment. The ‘Meaningful Earth’ trend reflects the fascination with everything that can be found in the soil. This evokes a feeling of being connected to the roots of our culture.

Uncultivated and rough

The interior looks natural. A rough and sometimes rugged look, with shades of brown playing the leading role, creates a tough and sometimes primeval atmosphere. Historical objects such as jars or statues reminiscent of primitive art or ancient civilizations are some other elements this trend embraces. A variety of textures of materials are combined with each other to form contrasts.

Colors and shapes

For the flowers and plants in this garden trend, we see colors like pale yellow and salmon tones, combined with dark and grey greens. The accessories are natural, handmade, robust, eco-friendly, and recycled. Designs in earth tones are made of stain patterns, fossil prints, and stripes.

Color Chart Home Decoration Trend Meaningful Earth