Home Decoration Trend 2024 – Viva la Vida

With all the ongoing crises in the world, we feel the need to celebrate life and take a break from all the misery and negativity. And that is precisely what the ‘Viva la Vida’ trend is all about. It is a trend full of cheerfulness, passion, expression, and color. Dream away in an atmosphere reminiscent of Southern Europe or Central America.

Passion in the home

We see lots of color in the flowers and plants in the home. Combined with decorative designs in accessories, wrought iron, and mosaic tiles, they create a high-spirited atmosphere. The cheerful colors work really well for creating small corners with lush blooms. In short: a home filled with passion and romance!

Colors, shapes, and materials

With a warm and exuberant color palette with a riot of pink, red, and orange, this trend is so vibrant and passionate. The accessories used tend to be natural: decorative tiles, mosaics, colored woven reeds, and raffia, and frayed, ruffled, and fringed textiles. Painted wood and wrought iron with decorative patterns also help create the right look in this trend.

Color Chart Home Decoration Trend Viva la Vida