Honour your mother’s love with flowers

Mother’s Day is a special day. This is the day when all mothers should be completely pampered in acknowledgement for all the motherly love, warmth and dedication they have always given. Although no gift can ever match her dedication, it doesn’t have to. After all, a mother’s love is unconditional. Young or old, it makes no difference: show how much you appreciate your mother by giving her an absolutely wonderful day. Take on all of her everyday tasks so that she doesn’t have to do a single thing herself. As the icing on the cake, surprise her with a splendid bouquet of tulips. 

What are the origins of Mother’s Day?

Long ago, it was Anna Jarvis, an American woman, who started celebrating Mother’s Day because she wanted to honour her own mother who had died. She did this by giving out carnations to all the mothers in the church she attended on the anniversary of her mother’s death. A year later, Mother’s Day was also celebrated in a village down the road. Together with others, Anna inspired many people in other towns to start celebrating Mother’s Day every year. Eventually, the entire American state of West Virginia started celebrating Mother’s Day in 1910. In 1914, Mother’s Day became an important day on the calendar throughout America and around 1930, it spread to other countries