How to choose your bridal bouquet

How to choose your bridal bouquet

You’ve already spent a while floating on cloud nine. After all, you’re getting married! That means you have a wonderful day ahead of you. It might seem difficult to come down out of the clouds, but never fear: the preparations for the big day will be lots of fun as well. Once the wedding attire, rings and venue have been arranged, you can start thinking about your bridal bouquet. It used to be that the groom arranged for the flowers. Today, though, the bride is in control. But what’s the process? How should you choose the perfect bridal bouquet? Just follow these steps to success.

Step 1: Make a schedule

If you want to organize your wedding without too much stress, start early by making a sound schedule. You’ll also have to schedule the selection of a bridal bouquet and possibly other floral work. Make sure that all arrangements for your bridal bouquet have been made at least a month in advance of the big day.

Step 2: Finding inspiration

This is the most fun of all: looking for pictures! Bridal magazines are a great source, and don’t forget to scour the internet either. Cut out all the bridal bouquets you like best and lay them side by side. Now comes the hard part. Out of so many pictures, make yourself select the 15 you like best and create a collage of them on a single A3.

Step 3: Decide on a color

Your bridal bouquet should be appropriate for your attire as well as that of your future partner. To achieve this, select one dominant color to introduce a sense of general harmony into your wedding festivities. This will be easy if you’ve already decided on a color theme. In addition to the dominant color, you could also select another corresponding hue: perhaps cream or white, but maybe lavender or light blue. Actually, the choice is endless – it’s up to you.

Step 4: Select a type of bouquet

Did you know that there are various kinds of bridal bouquets? Once you start considering bridal bouquets, you realize how many kinds there are. The most popular types are the Biedermeier (circular), tear-shaped (a tear-shaped Biedermeier), cascading (a more dramatic tear-shaped bouquet) and crescent (a single flower yet bound to form a crescent shape. More unique bouquet shapes include a muff made of flowers or a sensational bouquet created especially to represent a certain object such as a mother-of-pearl shell. Now you have to decide which one you like best.

Step 5: Choose your favorite flower

A bouquet is made from flowers, but which kind? When making this choice, it’s important to consider the season since not all flowers are available all year round. If you already have a favorite flower, this choice will be a breeze. But if it’s hard to decide from among all the gorgeous possibilities, you can’t go wrong with lilies, calla lilies, irises and gladioli.

Step 6: Determine additional floral work

Before setting off to the florist with your schedule, collage, color choice, type of bouquet and favorite flower, it would be a good idea to consider additional floral work. Would you also like flowers to decorate the bridal car, corsages, floral decorations at your venue, or maybe little posies for your child/children? This phase also includes another factor: the budget. Determine your budget in advance so you can talk with your florist about the options possible within that amount.

Step 7: Select your florist

It could be that you already have a favorite florist. If so, this decision will be a piece of cake. If you’re not yet that familiar with florists, try to find one that’s not far away. Set up an appointment and have all your thoroughly prepared questions ready to ask. After all, you want to be assured that the floral work is in good hands on the most important day in your life. So follow your ‘female intuition’: choose the florist that you feel comfortable with.