Hyacinths: the pearls of springtime

It’s time to rejoice: spring is almost here! Celebrate it with the colors and sweet scent of hyacinths. These ‘pearls of springtime’ will take you on a spring breeze into that season of the year we’ve been looking forward to for so long.

A spectacular display

This flower is a real harbinger of spring. Just a whiff of its fragrance and you’ll know spring is on its way. Arrange them as cut flowers in a vase. Or use them as pre-forced bulbs to create a spectacular display. How are they produced? Every fall, professional growers plant the hyacinth bulbs in pots filled with potting compost. A great deal of attention is devoted to their care and development over several weeks. As soon as they begin to sprout, they are quickly sent to a shop from where you can have them growing and flowering in your home or garden. Enjoy them!

A real spectacle

Did you know that there are more than two thousand hyacinth varieties? Each one has a stem uniquely covered with little flowers in white, blue, yellow, pink, red, purple or any color in between. The growth process from a bulb to a flower is fascinating to watch. Sprouts emerge from the bulb and grow into long green leaves. That’s when the spectacle begins. A tower of flowers bearing dozens of small curled-up flower buds rises up from the center. Then the buds burst open. Don’t underestimate them either: they provide a delightful, even beneficial fragrance.


This flower has associations with the past. The scientific name of the plant (Hyacinthus) originated from a character in Greek mythology by the name of Hyakinthos. And hyacinths originally came from the eastern part of the Mediterranean region. Strangely enough, they have their roots in the asparagus family. ‘Peace’ and ‘beauty’ are terms perfectly associated with hyacinths, and they are symbolic of sportsmanship and pride. Also nice to know: the hyacinth was the favorite flower of Apollo, the Greek sun god.

Hyacinth tips

If you’d like to have this beauty in your home or outside on your balcony or patio, just follow these tips for guaranteed success.

  • Hyacinths for use as cut flowers are always sold with a small piece of the base of the bulb still attached to the stem. Since this is the only way that the stem can absorb water, be sure not to remove it.
  • Arrange the hyacinths in a clean vase filled with fresh water. Replace the water every three days: they will appreciate it!
  • They won’t like to be placed near a fruit bowl since this will make the flowers fade sooner.
  • Pre-forced hyacinths in pots can easily tolerate a few degrees below freezing, so don’t be afraid to put them outside.