Impress your love with flowers

Impress your love with flowers

What do you automatically associate with Valentine’s Day? That’s right: flowers and love. They have that special something that touches our hearts, and that’s why we’ve always used them to express, evoke or emphasize our feelings. But why is this so? Rutgers University in the American state of New Jersey conducted research into the effects flowers have on people. The results showed that flowers enhance our feeling of happiness. We are sincerely pleased and delighted both during and after having received flowers. So what are you waiting for? On Valentine’s Day, give your sweetheart the ultimate feeling of happiness with a marvelous Valentine’s Day bouquet. 

Pleasure and contentment

Even after having received flowers, your sweetheart will feel happier. After being given flowers, the strength of positive feelings like pleasure and contentment increases. On the other hand, negative feelings like fear, anxiety and depression recede. And if you think that the target group for this research was a population that didn’t include your age group, you’re wrong. The findings from this research apply to people of any age, and therefore include everyone.

Cheerful, sweetly scented gifts of love

Tulips, ranunculuses and hyacinths make cheerful, sweetly scented gifts of love. A big bunch of just tulips, hyacinths and ranunculuses will definitely make an impression in both size and fragrance. If you want to make your gift more personal, choose a mixed bunch of flowers in your sweetheart’s favorite color.

Did you know that…

…when you give flowers, you also get something nice in return? You’re not only seen as happier, warmer, nicer, more enterprising, more reliable and more open but you also come across as less arrogant, nervous, isolated, shy, suspicious and gloomy. All because of a gift of flowers!