Types of bulb flowers

As there are so many flowers growing from a flower bulb, things will get easier when they can be divided into different groups.

Spring flowers

Can you imagine longing to the first signs of spring when it´s still cold and dark outside? That´s when spring flowers come across. Spring flowers are able to lighten up your house and lighten up your mood. That because of their colours and fragrance that prepare you for spring that´s almost there. Tulips are the most popular spring flowers for centuries. But did you know that bulb flowers as daffodils, hyacinths, ranunculi’s, grape hyacinths and amaryllis are also spring flowers? What makes them special is that these bulb flowers are seasonal. They are only available from the end of December towards the end of April.

Summer flowers

Summer is the hottest season for flowers. That´s because this is THE time when they bloom outside in the fields. You can imagine that in this season they are widely available in huge amounts. But did you know that summer flowers are also available besides summer season? That´s because they are grown in greenhouses in where they simulate the summer climate. The most popular summer flowers are lilies. But there´s more! Other types of summer flowers are lilies, iris, calla lilies and gladiolus. It´s a feast to have summer flowers among you, they bring sunshine into your home at any time of the year.

Potted bulbs for your home

For those who prefer quick results choose flower bulbs that are almost flowering already; potted bulbs. Potted bulbs are forced bulbs in containers. They bring spring into your home, months before the actual season commences. When you buy them the buds are not visible yet. It´s spectacular to watch these potted bulbs like tulips, amaryllises, grape hyacinth´s, daffodils and hyacinth´s, growing and blooming so quickly. It feels like having a garden inside your home. Potted bulbs are available from January through April.

Potted bulbs for your garden

Bulbs in pots: what are they actually? The bulbs in these pots are the same kind of flower bulbs you can buy in shops in the autumn. Except for one thing: these flower bulbs have been planted and grown in pots so that they already have roots and a stem. The first ones like tulips, grape hyacinth and, daffodils and hyacinth´s, become available in January. This means that if you’ve forgotten to plant flower bulbs in the autumn, bulbs in pots can still let you enjoy that first splash of colour in the garden. Potted bulbs like dahlia, calla and lily become available from May.