What are bulb flowers?

Bulb flowers are flowers growing from a flower bulb. It may sound ordinary but actually it´s quite special. That´s because the majority of all the flowers that you can buy in shops, grow from seeds or roots. But what makes bulbs flowers unique? In the centre of flower bulbs, the flower buds have already been developed. It only needs to grow big to a spectacular bulb flower.


Breeders hybridize bulb flower varieties back and forth to develop new varieties that are different or improved. Think of lilies without pollen, tulips with a longer vase life, fragrance-free hyacinths, dahlia’s with exceptional colours and daffodils with a special scent. Because so many new varieties have been created, the assortment is huge which can make it a confusing. IlsySays leads you through the beautiful world of bulb flowers.