Instant cheer with pre-forced flower bulbs

You know what you want: a house that looks more inviting. And you want it now – not later. Pre-forced flower bulbs are the perfect solution! These spring favorites add a colorful inviting note to a room straightaway.

Get rid of those winter blues

We can really long for a glimmer of spring during the winter months. Especially when it seems those dark days will never end. Pre-forced flower bulbs, however, will quickly drive those winter blues right out the window. Tulips, daffodils, grape hyacinths and hyacinths are available in many different varieties. In the garden, these cheerful spring-flowering bulbs won’t bloom until spring really arrives. Fortunately, you can enjoy these harbingers of spring indoors before then: right now!

Pre-forced flower bulbs?

What are they actually? These are flower bulbs in a pot filled with potting soil that are all set to produce flowers. Depending on the temperature in your home, they can keep on blooming for up to three weeks. The nice thing is that you can watch how a pre-forced flower bulb grows – almost by the hour – to produce a big colorful flower. Pre-forced bulbs require little care. Put them in a place that receives plenty of light and give them a little water now and then.

Locally produced

Did you know that the process of getting flower bulbs to bloom in a warm greenhouse is called “forcing”? Just like food products and cut flowers, you can also buy locally