Interior styling: cheerful tulips add the finishing touch!

Do you love nothing better than styling your interior? Then why not complete the look with a cheerful bouquet of tulips. The best thing about these flowers is that you can add a new twist to your interior throughout the season.

Get ready for the spring

Springtime brings with it the irresistible urge to freshen up your home by rearranging furniture, experimenting with new fabrics and adding fresh color accents. A bouquet of tulips is a great way to complete your ready-for-spring interior. The wonderfully fresh look of tulips is the perfect remedy after a long, grey winter.

Show your true colors

From brilliant white to soft pastels, from vibrant colors to bicolors – when it comes to tulips, the choice really is endless (especially when you throw size and flower shape into the mix!). So, which tulips will you choose? It all comes down to that feel-good factor. After all, it’s all about making you happy. And you don’t have to stick to the same variety; you can always choose different colors, shapes and sizes throughout the season. A great way to create a different, surprising atmosphere in your home – and it’s all you!

Go all out

One tulip doesn’t make a spring. The spirit of springtime invites you to mix bunches of tulips in a variety of colors. So grab your biggest vase from the cupboard! Feel like sprucing up your interior with some flower arranging? Put a series of small vases next to each other and fill them with tulips and other cheerful spring flowers. And don’t forget to pop a single tulip in a small vase next to your bed or on your desk… It’s the perfect way to create subtle spring vibes.

Tips & ideas

  • Ask your florist for tulips produced by local growers. Locally produced means wonderfully fresh flowers.
  • Our top care tip for a long vase life: don’t place a vase of tulips next to a bowl of fruit! Ripening fruit produces ethylene, an ageing substance that your flowers will certainly not appreciate…
  • Treat someone who loves interior styling as much as you to a bouquet of tulips!