It’s Easter: spring is here!

It’s Easter: spring is here!

In addition to it being a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Christ, Easter is the perfect moment to celebrate spring. Bulb flowers and potted bulbs represent the coming alive of the natural world at this time of year.


What’s nice about bulb flowers and potted bulbs, is the cheerful effect that the freshly opened flowers have on us. So don’t hold back: enjoy lots of bulb flowers and potted bulbs this Easter – but go with the trends, too. Make these sweetly scented harbingers of spring part of a geometric look accentuated by bright colors. The result will make your Easter holidays even more enjoyable!

The color of bulb flowers creates unity

After a cold winter, nature begins its cycle anew. Young animals are born, flower bulbs start to bloom, and chicks emerge from their eggs. But masses of bulb flowers and potted bulbs arranged in geometric black and white patterns are also making life indoors sparkle. Don’t be afraid, however, that several geometric patterns used together will create visual confusion. The yellow and blue colors of the bulb flowers or potted bulbs – such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and grape hyacinths – will stand out as accent colors and create an overall unified effect. A poster or sculpture of a geometrically designed Easter bunny may not catch your eye at first, but the longer you look at it, the easier it will be to recognize. Happy Easter!