Lilies a sense of serenity at a time of loss

Lilies a sense of serenity at a time of loss

Flowers help to express emotions at times of loss and grief. Lilies are very much associated with the transience of life. For this reason, white lilies are often used at occasions marking the end of our earthly existence. Their pure sense of serenity makes lilies – especially white ones that are also symbolic of peace – the flowers of choice for funerals.


The lily as a symbol of mortality is based on the historic story of Christ. In this story, God comes to Earth where he sacrifices himself for humanity. God loves humanity so much that He is willing to give up everything for its salvation. His love is unconditional and continues even after death. The story of Christ’s life – from the annunciation to the crucifixion – is compressed into the symbol of the lily.

Tranquility, love and purity

White as a flower color represents such aspects as purity, truth, cleanliness, simplicity, light, silence, profound love and innocence. White is light, pure and neutral. It suggests timelessness and spaciousness. White lilies thus provide a wonderful basis for creating truly beautiful funeral arrangements such as a casket spray, a cross easel to be left at the graveside, or single lilies to be presented as a final tribute to the deceased.

Shape and color

Lilies are available in a wide range of colors and shapes. The size of their flowers varies from 7 cm to no fewer than 25 cm across. Some flowers face outward and are slightly pendulous; others have recurved petals. The flowers can be trumpet-shaped, cup-shaped or star-shaped. Perhaps the most famous is the white Madonna Lily. But white is not their only color. Other gorgeous popular lily varieties are pink, red, deep purple, orange and yellow with stripes or spots.