Lilies for a warm winter house

Lilies for a warm winter house

It always takes some getting used to: that time when late summer turns into fall and then into winter. The days get steadily colder and shorter… This is exactly when it’s so nice to come home to warm colors that perk you up with their glowing energy. And you can enjoy their energy in no time with a colorful bouquet of lilies. 

A fantastic display of color

From toasty orange to mysterious purple: lilies excel in warm sparkling colors that you can combine in so many ways. What about burgundy with orange, or a combination of purple, red and pink? You could add foliage but you really wouldn’t have to. Without extra foliage, lilies have even more visual impact.

Hello, fall!

Fall calls for providing your home with luxurious bouquets that reflect the abundance of nature. A good example would be the use of large-flowering lilies with ornamental grasses and the last of the late-summer flowers such as gladioli and dahlias. Then add branches dotted with berries, blackberries and rose hips to create the perfect picture of fall’s bounty.

Warm winters

As fall gradually turns into winter, you automatically feel more like getting a crackling fire going in the fireplace, having friends over for a fine dinner, and lighting lots and lots of candles. In Denmark, they call this hygge: a concept of coziness that’s spreading to other countries as well. Fresh flowers are another essential ingredient: a sparkling bouquet of lilies makes your home feel warm and welcoming. Around Christmas, you can go all out with an exquisite vase and a touch of gold. Or what about the elegance of simplicity: a very special lily – preferably fragrant – in a carefully selected slender vase. This emphasizes just how special this flower really is.

Botanical drawings

Spots, speckles and stripes: lily flowers sometimes display delightful, almost magical markings. Take a good look at their buds when they spring open to reveal the flowers. You might even enjoy drawing or painting them – especially nice for a drizzling Sunday afternoon. Sweetly scented lilies will make it an unforgettable sensory experience. Make the most of these shorter days!

Enjoy them as long as possible

Follow these care tips and enjoy your bouquet of lilies even longer:

  1. Trim about one inch from the stems, being sure to cut them at an angle.
  2. Remove any of the lower leaves that might fall below the water surface.
  3. Arrange the flowers in a clean vase filled with fresh water to which you have added cut flower food. Enjoy!