Lilies for the garden, patio and balcony

Lilies for the garden, patio and balcony

Shimmering summer colors combined with a real knock-out look: these are the qualities that make lilies (Lilium) shine! Lilies in pots are a quick and easy way to enliven your garden, patio or balcony. Time to get going!

An ode to summer

From pure white to radiant pink. From vivid orange to fiery red. Lilies in pots provide a wide range of summer colors. So everyone is bound to find a pretty one that’s just right. For a balcony display, you could also combine various bold colors like golden yellow and bright orange. Then sit back and bathe in the energy! This effect is even intensified by the bold shape of the lily’s flowers.

A whiff of lilies

Lilies in pots are not only beautiful (and spectacular) in color and shape. Many of them also have a sweet spicy fragrance. So, if you’re enjoying the moment on your patio or balcony – in a comfy lounge chair or maybe a hammock – you’ll be treated now and then with a whiff of lily perfume. A real celebration of summer.

A garden party as a flower festival

Plans for a garden party? Then do it up right with lots and lots of flowers! Decide ahead of time on one or two colors as a guideline. Pink is always a good choice against the green background of your garden but, actually, any color will do. Look to nature for inspiration at this time of year. Using lilies in pots means you can decorate your garden, i.e. your party venue, well in advance since these flowers will remain fresh and beautiful for a long time. On the day of the party, don’t forget to pick a single flower for your hair!

Little care, lots of flowers

Lilies (Lilium) and other summer-flowering bulbs in pots such as the Calla Lily (Zantedeschia) and the Begonia are easy-care plants. Just put them in a sunny place and give them some water regularly. When you see any faded flowers, remove them right away. This way, the plant’s energy goes to nourishing the new flower buds so that you can enjoy a colorful display of flowers until late in the summer. If you place the plants in pots yourself, make sure that the pot has a hole at the bottom so that any excess water, whatever the source, can drain away. Have a great summer!


  • Lilies produce so many flowers that you can easily pick one, bring it inside and put it in a vase.
  • Ever thought of adding lots of color to your garden, patio or balcony? All you need is just one big brightly colored pot filled with lilies in the same color. What about hot pink for a real wow effect?
  • A lily in a pot also makes a nice gift. Maybe a good idea when you’re invited to a garden party, or just as a friendly gesture. Tuck in a little card with a nice quote or a personal greeting. You might even be inspired by the rich symbolism associated with lilies. After all, the lily is symbolic of love, growth and development, and also femininity and purity (especially white lilies).