Lilies give you the wow factor

Isn’t it satisfying to keep making nice little changes in your own home? Lilies are a simple way to get this effect. Their large flowers, eye-catching colors and fascinating fragrances are a delight every time you enter a room.

Quick and easy

Your home is your private space – and you want to enjoy it. While experimenting with color would be a lot of fun, it would also involve a lot of work. Actually, you wouldn’t have to start painting the walls or ordering new furniture. The dazzling color of lilies is an easy way to give your home the wow factor.


Are you among those who appreciate the beauty of lilies but not the fragrance that some of them have? No problem: plant breeding has created a series of fragrance-free lilies. These lilies are varieties in the Asiatic group. These can be recognized by their elegantly simple flowers that come in the widest range of colors and color combinations imaginable.

No more pollen

Does the fear of pollen stains keep you from having lilies in your home? If so, buy pollen-free lilies or either snip the stamens off or spray them with hairspray. If you still find a stain on your clothing, sofa or carpet, simply blow it away, brush it off with a dry brush, expose the spot to sunlight, or remove the pollen by dabbing it with adhesive tape.