Lilies: instant happiness!

Lilies do so much more than just bring colour to your interior. They turn your house into a home. And you feel that the moment you step over the threshold. Instant happiness!

Vibrant colours

From soft pastels to strong colours, lilies come in an endless array of shades. Whichever you choose, your interior will come alive with a bouquet of lilies as a spectacular central feature. The flower buds open one by one, showing more and more colour!

Happy home, happy people

Isn’t it wonderful to see flowers when you come home, when you wake up, when you walk into a room…? Lilies are spellbinders that immediately catch the eye. Lilies in bright, intense colours, in particular, energise you; there’s nothing like them to cheer you up! If you take the time to study a lily flower carefully – prepare to be wowed by the shape and markings – its calming influence is almost tangible.

Flower arranging

The enjoyment begins with deciding which bunch of lilies to choose, because there is simply so much choice. Display your bouquet in an elegant vase; a striking one is fine as it will be in keeping with the visually powerful shape of your lilies. Leave the stems nice and long or cut them off very short, for a change. This will do justice to the extravagant shape of the blooms. Arranging flowers fills you with joy!