Make your interior greener with summer flowers

Nature has been given an important voice. Green is sustainable and on-trend, and we want nothing more than to surround ourselves with it. Will you also make your interior greener with summer flowers?

The emancipation of greenery

Greenery matters. This moral is central to the ‘Balanced Biotope’ trend, which is all about the emancipation of greenery. It means that flowers and plants are just as important as the rest of the interior. Just a few plants is not enough any more: indoor landscaping, creating an indoor border with care, is a new phenomenon. Flowers are also part of the ‘greenery’ category. With summer flowers, you can easily transform your interior to match this trend.

More is more

Create your own inner garden in the style that makes you feel good. Doing so makes it clear that you are doing your bit for a new balance. Lilies, dahlias and gladioli enhance this look in your home. In this trend, more is more. So don’t be modest, but choose them in colour combinations of natural tones with yellow-green, blue and terracotta. Combine the flowers with organic shapes and sturdy industrial products.