More colour in your home with summer flowers

From hot-pink dahlia to warm-orange gladioli. With summer flowers, it’s easy to fill your home with colour. It instantly brightens up the atmosphere – and your mood!

Fresh & sparkling

Summer bloomers, like lilies, dahlias, gladioli and calla, come in many beautiful colours. They are all equally fresh and sparkling, as if they had absorbed all the sunlight they could. Bring a radiant bunch of summer bulb flowers into your home to brighten up your entire interior. How is that for a nice welcome home!

Colourful living

The varied offer of summer flowers encourages you to play with colour, so that your interior never looks the same. You could make a statement with hot-pink dahlias for example, and next time, opt for soft pastels: a summery-sweet mix of soft yellow and pastel pink lilies and gladioli. Plenty of summer bloomers are available now. You can keep varying with them until autumn! For bouquet inspiration, visit

A few tips to enjoy your summer bloomers for longer:

  1. Cut off a piece of the stems and remove the lower leaves if necessary (to prevent leaves hanging in the water).
  2. Arrange the flowers in a squeaky-clean vase with clean water and cut flower food.
  3. Regularly fill up the water in the vase.

Flower idea!

Dig out your favourite small vases and put one or two cheerful summer bloomers in each vase, for example, a mix of compact dahlias and tall calla and gladioli. You can play with colours to your heart’s content. If you prefer a quiet atmosphere, stick to a single hue, or ton-sur-ton.

Tip! If you want to spread the joy, why not present someone with a cheerful, unexpected summer bouquet? Summer bloomers are also the perfect gift after a house move: instant atmosphere for the new house!