Mother’s Day calls for flowers

Flowers are still the favourite choice of gift for Mother’s Day. A massive bouquet shows mum that she is very important to you and that you value her. Of course, the same is true for all grandmothers and other women who are like a mother to you.

Surprise them with colour

On Mother’s Day, what could be better than arriving with a bouquet that immediately catches the eye. You can’t go wrong with popped lilies and tulips that already show some colour. You can make your Mother’s Day gift very personal by matching the colour scheme to your mother’s preference. You could choose one appealing tone or a jolly colourful mix, for example. If your mother prefers flowers in more subdued tones, have a beautiful bouquet put together with lilies or tulips in soft pastel colours or white tones. For more bouquet inspiration, please visit

Super cute

From a single flower to a mini bouquet. Flowers are a super cute Mother’s Day gift in the small hands of a beaming child. What could be more fun than choosing the flowers yourself! If you allow children to choose flowers for a bouquet, you will almost always end up with a colourful mix (but every mother is totally fine with that). You can’t go wrong with tulips or lilies: all the colours work beautifully together.

With love

Surprise your mother by lovingly placing the flowers in a vase. Start by cutting off a piece of the stems. Next, arrange the bouquet in a clean vase with clean water (and possibly cut flower food for bulb flowers). In this way the flowers will last longer. If your mother changes the water in the vase every day, she will enjoy her bouquet for even longer!

Flower fact!

The lily symbolises love and femininity. Tulips also have a lovely symbolism: love, affection and positivity. In other words, these flowers are perfect for Mother’s Day bouquets.