Need a little peace and quiet?

Need a little peace and quiet?

Wouldn’t it be nice to leave all that everyday hustle and bustle behind and just slow down for a while? How about taking the time to notice something beautiful and putting your mind at rest? Why not enjoy a little me time? The lily, with its centuries of symbolic meaning, would seem to be made for this very purpose.

Stand-by mode

After all, ‘flower gazing’ is the perfect way to put yourself in stand-by mode. Marvel at the beauty of every flower: from flower bud to fully opened flower. What do you see? What do you smell? What do you feel? Lilies add an extra dimension to your Zen moment. The lily has been rich in symbolism since ancient times; it epitomizes purity, hope, and transience but also love and femininity. All nice to reflect on.

Mindful flower arranging

Even arranging a bouquet of lilies can be a Zen moment if you do so with awareness. Choose an elegant vase and arrange the flowers with love. Pick up each lily with care – as if it might break; marvel at how it could have grown. Place the vase of flowers where you can take the time to enjoy them in a relaxed state of mind. If you have a few more moments, add some meaningful items like a pretty stone, a necklace of wooden beads, or a favorite book to create your very own personal space.

Out of your comfort zone

You could also give someone else a Zen moment: give a thoughtfully selected lily or a bouquet including lilies (and don’t forget a personal wish or a nice quote on a little gift card). Giving often makes us even happier than receiving. If you’d really like to step out of your comfort zone, try giving a bunch of flowers to a complete stranger – someone you pass on the street – or to someone who helps others quietly without attracting attention to themselves. It’s quite a step to take, but it’s bound to add sparkle to your day – and to the recipient’s day as well!

Zen in the workplace

Flowers can also add to your well-being in the workplace. Just a single large-flowered lily in a slender vase has a soothing effect: take a moment to enjoy its simple beauty, recharge your batteries, and then get back to the job. An elegant bouquet in the reception area or waiting room will also put visitors at ease.

Enjoy them longer

Once you’ve purchased a wonderful bunch of lilies, you’ll want to enjoy them for as long as possible of course. So simply follow these directions: trim about an inch from the stems, making sure that the cut is made at an angle, and remove any lower leaves that might fall below the surface of the water. Carefully clean the vase and fill it with fresh water and watch your lilies sparkle!