Out-of-the-box with summer flowers

We tend to automatically put flowers in a vase, on the table or in the window sill. But did you know that there are much more fun ways to make your beautiful flowers shine? Try going off the beaten track to enjoy your bunch of summer flowers even more.

On a string

Flowers are often tied in bouquets. But on their own, they can show off their beauty even more. You can do this by hanging them up on a string. Attach the top of the string to a lamp or a wall ornament. Attach a plant tube filled with water at the bottom. Cut the stems diagonally to your preferred length, and place them in the tubes. Stunning!

Put them outside

We often associate a bunch of flowers with brightening up and styling the interior. But why not enjoy them outside? Give it a try and you will see that they also shine in the outdoors. One additional benefit is that you can go large outside, if your home happens to be on the smaller side. This works especially well with tall summer flowers such as dahlia, lily and gladiolus.

In a bowl

Of course, a vase is a lovely way to let your flowers shine. But this means that in a closed vase, the stems are out of sight, and with a transparent vase you will be looking at murky water. Think out-of-the-box, and enjoy the green under the flowers by displaying them in a bowl. Make sure the bottoms of the stems are submerged in the layer of water, to prevent them drying out.

On the pouffe

We tend to use a pouffe to sit on. But it can also serve as a pedestal for your flowers. In this way, you keep your table free and your flowers are still in plain sight. Make sure to put a tray or plate on top of your pouffe first, to prevent water stains. Put your vase with flowers on the tray. Dahlias are perfect showstoppers to shine on this pedestal.

In the fruit bowl

Stacking is hip and happening at the moment. You can stack pretty much everything combined with flowers, such as dishes, cups, plates and bowls. You could also use fruit baskets! Go crazy and apply this to your summer flowers. Choose a fun vase that matches the fruit bowl and place your flowers in it. Next, put your vase in the fruit bowl, et voilà!

Always with you

Flowers make you happy, and flowers make others happy. So why would you keep them in your home? That means you can only enjoy them when you’re in the house. Think out-of-the-box and keep them with you 24/7 in a bag. In this way, the flowers become an extension of your outfit, bringing smiles to you and the people around. How fun is that?