Poetry with flowers as a hymn to nature

Everything is connected, and as human beings we are part of everything. Nature’s overwhelming power finds its way to the interior. Create stunning flower poems as an ode to nature.


The climate crisis is the subject of a great deal of attention because people are starting to realise that rather than the earth, it is humanity itself that needs saving. People are starting to understand that humanity is vulnerable. We are increasingly experiencing the overwhelming power of nature.


Mother Nature is an awesome element of life. We put her on a pedestal and she can be found throughout the house. The interior is more robust, more whimsical and, as such, over the top of course. All the forms used are organic. It is almost as if nature is invading and taking over our house.


The use of flowers is just as whimsical and natural as the rest of the interior. Indoor gardens with dead and living materials stand out, forming an organic symbiosis as they are combined. Why not try working with flower bulbs to create cohesion between different elements of nature.


Repeat bulb flowers in natural and balanced colours to create your ‘rhyme’. Create an indoor garden of flowers in a double vase, or combine white hyacinths with pale-pink Muscari. A single flower is a beauty in itself, thanks to the miraculous geometric repetitions in flower and leaf.