Positive energy from bulbous flowers

Now more than ever, we feel a need to connect with each other, and we want to see the bigger picture. It is easiest to do this in an atmosphere of carefree enjoyment, with lots of cheerful, brightly coloured flowers.

Freedom and happiness

After a long period of stress and uncertainty, now is the time to enjoy and party without a care in the world. We are looking for love and happiness not only outside of our homes, but also at home. Indoors, green happiness is key, with a focus on flowers. A variety of colourful and cheerful bouquets and pre-forced bulbs give your interior a positive energy.

Positive atmosphere

The power of flowers is all in the positivity they radiate. And that’s exactly what we need: to create a cheerful and carefree environment with a boost of green happiness. Spring flowers such as tulips, hyacinths, grape hyacinths, ranunculus and daffodils are excellent at this. Which ones bring you the most joy? Try to combine them, and you’ll be amazed at the impact on your happiness meter.

Funny and cheeky

To create a positive floral atmosphere, combine flowers in cheerful and bold pastel shades, interspersed with more pronounced accents such as yellow, burgundy and red. Place your harbingers of spring in practical, uncomplicated vases, pots or baskets adorned with stripes or images of fruit. This will help to create a cheerful, fun and even slightly cheeky display. Enjoy them!