Potted bulbs for that wondrous Christmas mood

Potted bulbs for that wondrous Christmas mood

Do you want to kick off the holidays with a smile? You might not think so, but having plants in your home has quite a positive effect on how you feel. So be good to yourself: make your home warm and inviting with potted bulbs.

Green holiday spirit

Potted bulbs do not only improve your mood – they also keep you healthy! Plants contribute to adding needed humidity, they neutralize sound and heat, and they absorb fine particles and pollution from the air. Time for some green holiday spirit in a little pot! Tulips, hyacinths, ranunculuses, irises and grape hyacinths: they’re all associated with Christmas and will take you happily through the holidays. Just think: all this in a pot…

Different yet still similar

What’s your style? A unified look that’s not too neat? If so, choose different kinds of potted bulbs but ones that are all the same color. Put white tulips, ranunculuses and hyacinths into grey pots. Add some decorative snow and a wooden Christmas star and enjoy your holidays even more.

Lots of plants for a big impression

Don’t stop at just one pot filled with bulbs – go for many more. The more plants, the happier you’ll feel. Try this sometime: put a single hyacinth in each of many transparent glasses. Such a cheerful table will have you loving even the last hours of the holiday season. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Making use of your senses

Do sweet fragrances and lovely colors make you glad to be alive? If so, all you have to do is have potted bulbs in your home! White grape hyacinths are simply perfect. Put these sweetly scented little white flowers in trendy red pots and watch the room perk up before your eyes. Voilà: you’re ready for Christmas!