Potted lilies: the perfect summer gift!

From birthdays to garden parties and anniversaries, or just because it’s summer. Potted lilies are the perfect gift for any summer occasion. As soon as you enter, you will create a cheerful atmosphere. And lilies make us all happy!

Splash of colour

Which colour will you choose? The colour palette of potted lilies is very varied. From sparkling white to soft pastel shades (or even variegated). If you prefer a more powerful statement, go for bold colours, like yellow, orange, pink and red. Adding a pot or basket – whether in a contrasting colour, or with a more natural feel – will lend your gift some style.

Sea of flowers

Potted lilies are real eye-catchers, with their large colourful blooms. Why not buy your own potted lily, as a gift for yourself? Create instant summer atmosphere on your patio, balcony or roof garden. Fragrant varieties enhance that summer feeling even more, but you can also opt for lilies with a less strong fragrance, or none at all. Potted lilies also look great by your front door: a lovely welcome home.

Tip! You can keep potted lilies outside but also indoors: they are fun to brighten up your living room or workplace.


Caring for potted lilies is very easy. Water them regularly and cut off any wilted flowers. Put (outdoor) lilies in a large pot with holes in the bottom to allow excess water to run off. You can leave lilies to winter in their pots (frost-free). With any luck, gorgeous flowers will reappear again next year.

Styling tip! Arrange different bulb flowers together – think of calla and dahlias in different colours – for a cheerful picking garden look. For more styling ideas, visit www.ilsysays.com.

Gift tip! Potted lilies are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Ever so colourful, and easy to transport.