Pre-forced bulbs: they make everyone smile

Starting in January, you can put them outside: pre-forced bulbs! Get a little preview of spring with these colorful little rays of happiness and put them in your garden or on your balcony or patio.

That positive feeling of springtime

Pre-forced bulbs such as tulips, hyacinths and daffodils are real seasonal products that have just what it takes to give us that positive feeling of springtime. But that’s not all: they also have a way of stimulating our senses. Seeing their cheerful colors and smelling their fresh floral fragrances puts us in a good mood and even puts a smile on our face.

A nice little trick

Did you know that these pre-forced bulbs were actually tricked into flowering? First, they receive a special treatment. Next, growers plant the flower bulbs in pots or other containers filled with potting compost. With lots of know-how (plus love and care), they make the bulbs think that spring has already arrived. This means you can enjoy these charming flowers as early as January. Get the joy of spring now!


If you’d like to enjoy your delightful pre-forced bulbs even longer, give these care tips a try.

  • Put your pre-forced bulbs in a place in your garden or on your balcony/patio where they will receive sunlight. Be choosy about the location: where will you be able to see them at a glance for an instant mood lift?
  • If you really want to create an inviting look, place your pre-forced bulbs in a pretty planter or decorative pot – preferably one with holes at the bottom to let excess water drain out.
  • These cheerer-uppers can easily tolerate a light frost, but they should be placed temporarily in a shed or garage during a really cold spell.
  • During periods of little rain, give them some water once or twice a week.