Ready-potted bulbs? Can't have enough!

Ready-potted bulbs? Can’t have enough!

As soon as the February sun starts warming up the garden, that’s when the patio can shine. From then on, you can choose from all kinds of ready-potted bulbs to make the patio gorgeous in minutes. Their dazzling array of colors, fragrances and shapes makes it hard not to fill up your shopping cart. But why not? Their colors make you feel absolutely fabulous! So make it an end-of-the-cozy-winter ritual: say hello to spring with ready-potted bulbs.

Little bottles and pots

Everyone has some old bottles and pots lying around somewhere. It would be a shame to throw them away, but what can you really do with them? Well, use them! Fill them with ready-potted bulbs, group them together, and enjoy the pretty picture they make. Give them a spot on a serving tray, and they make a real eye-catcher in the garden. White plus a color: always a good combination. Example? Blue Scilla or little red tulips with white Scilla and white grape hyacinths.

Did you know that… the Scilla has a delightful scent?

Bags and baskets

Old bags and baskets make a great new home for ready-potted bulbs. The casual look of jute and wicker with the dewy freshness of flowers makes a really nice combination. And a handle makes them easy to move around. Using various kinds of ready-potted bulbs all in the same color creates a charming display. What about white hyacinths, tulips and grape hyacinths? Or blue crocuses and irises. Enjoy!

Crates and containers

Old crates and containers might not seem that attractive but they really can be. They’re actually a great solution for ready-potted bulbs. That’s because they make wonderful containers or pedestals for these plants. And that means two things: not having to look for new pots, and a nice excuse to say, ‘See, it’s a good thing I don’t always throw things away!’ So have some fun: fill up those old crates and containers with ready-potted bulbs.

Did you know that… ready-potted bulbs also look lovely in borders? Plant the upper edge of their pots level with the soil surface in the border for instant color in your garden!