Ready-potted bulbs for a real color boost

Forget about those drab gray days of winter. Give your patio a quick and easy color boost with ready-potted bulbs. Now, isn’t life great?

Yearning for color

As winter drags on, that yearning to see the first hints of color in your garden just gets stronger and stronger. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your winter coat, take a broom to your patio, and go to town with ready-potted bulbs. A color boost for your patio in just minutes!

Mix and match

From tulips (Tulipa) to daffodils (Narcissus), from hyacinths (Hyacinthus) to grape hyacinths (Muscari): there are so many kinds of ready-potted bulbs. For a real wow effect, choose just one kind such as fire engine red tulips or deep blue grape hyacinths. Or, for a more natural look, combine various flowers in a single pot or a collection of pots. The more variation in colors and shapes, the more sparkle you add.

Take care of yourself too

Simply being outdoors and busy with your ready-potted bulbs helps recharge your batteries. Breathe in that fresh air and enjoy the dazzling colors of spring. Why not make use of your nose to get even more of a springtime experience? Certain ready-potted bulbs – most hyacinths and many daffodils – have a sweet floral scent. So, don’t wait: put a nice comfortable garden chair out on your patio so you can get outside as soon as the sun pokes through the clouds. Let spring begin!


  • Ready-potted bulbs can easily tolerate a light ground frost. Only when temperatures are expected to dip below -5˚C will you have to bring them inside (a shed, for example).
  • Think a little about the right place for your ready-potted bulbs on the patio. If you can also see them through a window, you’ll enjoy them even more.
  • Wouldn’t some colorful ready-potted bulbs at the front door be nice? Your neighbors deserve a smile, too.