Ready-potted bulbs make a garden look welcoming

Ready-potted bulbs make a garden look welcoming

Ready-potted bulbs – with their exuberant colors, sizes and shapes – have a spectacular effect on how welcoming a garden looks. Let them strut their stuff in trendy pots to make your garden all ready for the summer. How delightful! The enjoyment of ready-potted summer bulbs starts straight away since their flowers are already in bloom.

‘Eco Luxe’ for tranquil surroundings

‘Eco Luxe’ is the perfect style if you want to create a sense of natural tranquility in an industrial style garden equipped with every modern convenience. This style uses natural basic colors with an emphasis on grays, greens and ochres. Geometrically shaped pots or pots with a geometric pattern on them would be especially appropriate. Use the kind of ready-potted summer bulbs that naturally have a luxurious look provided not only by their flowers but also by their foliage. Good examples would be dahlias, lilies, gladioli, Crocosmia and Eucomis in ochres, reds and oranges.

‘Unexpected Wild’ leaves you relaxed

A garden that looks as if it hasn’t changed for years provides a sense of relaxation. It’s become a place where no rules apply, a place where wind and rain can simply come and go. This style is known as ‘Unexpected Wild’. The materials used to create it have a natural weathered look and a simple, natural asymmetry that adds to its beauty. Subdued heron blue and sea-greens make the garden a thoroughly delightful place to be. Make sure to use a variety of kinds of ready-potted summer bulbs and arrange them in interwoven groups with repetitions here and there. Good choices would be dahlias, Agapanthus, gladioli, lilies and calla lilies.

Time to celebrate with ‘The Happy Life’

Life should be one big celebration all year long! ‘The Happy Life’ is the perfect style for giving a large garden an intimate, inviting feeling. The use of many different vibrant and pastel colors in this garden exudes a sense of fun and optimism. Being here is almost like biting into a luscious chocolate. So don’t be afraid to use ready-potted summer bulbs in profusion to create this style: brightly colored calla lilies, lilies, dahlias and gladioli.