Ready-potted bulbs make a home say spring

Ready-potted bulbs are the perfect way to get the new year off to a fresh colorful start. Bringing natural elements indoors not only makes a home inviting – it also puts a smile on your face.

A little pot of happiness

Ready-potted bulbs are the perfect symbol of new life. They suggest spring even before it starts outside. Spring is also associated with happiness, feeling good about yourself and high spirits. Besides all this, flowering bulbs add your own personal warmth to a home. And let’s be honest: aren’t you secretly proud to see those wonderful flowers opening up?

Special treatment

Ready-potted bulbs are flower bulbs that have had a little trick pulled on them. First of all, they receive a special treatment. After that, growers plant the flower bulbs in pots of various sizes filled with potting compost. With lots of know-how (plus love and care), they make the bulbs think that spring has already arrived. As a result, you can start enjoying these wonderful flowers as early as January. Can’t wait for spring? Ready-potted bulbs!

Trendy colors

Ready-potted bulbs are available from January until the end of April. The most familiar ones are daffodils, hyacinths and tulips. But grape hyacinths and spring snowflakes are also available as ready-potted bulbs. Use them alone or combined in transparent or matte-surface vases that accentuate the softness of the flowers in pastel colors. Vases with abstract shapes provide a personal touch.

Interesting facts

  • Don’t place ready-potted bulbs too close to a fruit bowl since this will accelerate the aging process of the flowers.
  • Ready-potted bulbs can easily tolerate a few degrees of frost. So, don’t be afraid to place them in a somewhat cooler spot such as a balcony conservatory.