Relax at Christmas with floral decorations

Christmas is a time with a lot more sights, sounds and clutter. Actually, however, we’d rather reduce some of this sensory input. A good reason, thus, to use flowers in your Christmas decorations. This is because flowers promote a sense of calm during all the commotion of the holidays.

A different kind of decorations

It’s the most beautiful time of the year. Even so, Christmas is also a time filled with stress and a long list of extra things to do. If you’d like to relax a bit this year, what about making some changes in your decorations? Using flowers in pastel colors would be the first step. This is a good way of creating the look of Christmas in your home while also making it a relaxing retreat.

Flower power

Flowers have that special something that lets you relax and feel good. So why wait? Go ahead and fill your house with flowers like tulips, hyacinths, anemones and grape hyacinths. Snowy white is a natural choice as the main color. Then widen the color palette with delicate pastels augmented by soothing natural tints and pink accents. 

An alternative

Why not replace Christmas baubles with tulips and hyacinths for a chilled-out look? To achieve this, hang tiny vases in the tree and fill them with water and flowers. Then use the top-of-the-tree decoration in a vase filled with tulips, anemones and Polianthus. What a great way to give your home that look and feel of Christmas without the extra clutter!