Rooms with a fresh natural look

Rooms with a fresh natural look

Summer flowers instantly suggest the joys of summer. For a fresh ultra-summery effect, choose ones in pure white or sizzling yellow, pink or orange.

‘Living’ rooms

Foliage and flowers make natural enhancements. A beautiful display of lilies, gladioli, calla lilies or irises on a table adds a lively sparkle to any room. During this season, you can choose from a myriad of colors, shapes and fragrances: the sky’s the limit. Just like in a field of wildflowers, their colors will never clash. Actually, combining colors adds a new sense of energy – like a fresh summer breeze wafting through a window.

Summer holidays

When you get back from a longer holiday, you sometimes have to get used to being home again. Quick: open the windows and put flowers in a vase. Fresh flowers put life back into your home environment. And don’t forget your neighbors who cared for your plants while you were away. They deserve a bouquet, too.

Look & feel

No room is ever quite finished. It’s always fun to experiment with colors and accessories. A basic vase – one made of transparent glass, for example – instantly gives a room a different look & feel. Today, use it to hold a single large flower like a white lily. Next week, fill it with a wildly colorful bunch of flowers. What will you feel like next?

Creative ideas

Summer flowers are sure to encourage your creativity. Beautiful results don’t have to be difficult to achieve, so here are a few ideas. Go ahead: have fun!

  • Iris: its bright blue color simply begs for a Delft blue vase. Why not drop into the local thrift shop for a look?
  • Calla Lily: arrange them so that their calyxes barely peep above a low vase. This gives these classic flowers a delightful new look.
  • Lily: snip a flower bud from your bouquet and put it in a little vintage vase.
  • Gladiolus: combine gladioli with other summer flowers in the same color to make a single big bouquet or to fill a collection of vases. Very elegant indeed.

Enjoy them longer

When you’ve bought or been given a beautiful bunch of flowers, you’ll want to enjoy them as long as you can. So simply follow these directions: trim about an inch from the stems, making sure that the cut is made at an angle, and remove any lower leaves that might fall below the surface of the water. Carefully clean the vase and fill it with fresh water. Your flowers will look absolutely gorgeous!