Showing off a bouquet of lilies

Sometimes you really want to go all out with a beautiful and grand bouquet. For a party, for example, or just because you’re worth it. Why not go for a grand bouquet of colorful lilies? Bring a real show stopper into your home!

The wow effect

From bright orange to dark red. With lilies in vibrant colors, your bouquet becomes a real centerpiece. If you prefer softer pastel hues, that’s also fine because they look spectacular too! You could combine pastel pink with some candy-pink lilies, for example, for a wow effect. Do you love white lilies? You can use them to create a real eye catcher as well: go for large-flowered white lilies in a big white vase for a contemporary statement look.

Mix & match

Lilies are flowers that radiate power. If you want to combine them, choose flowers that give off the same vibe, such as large-flowered dahlias, alliums or gladioli. A combination with small flowers or ‘fluffy’ ornamental grasses can also work surprisingly well. To achieve this look, mix the lilies with a generous amount of these sophisticated materials. For more bouquet inspiration, please visit

Giving flowers makes you happy

Buying a lovely bouquet of lilies for yourself is wonderful, but it is possibly even more fun to give one as a present. A bouquet of lilies is perfect for big events, such as an anniversary or house move. Of course, you can also surprise someone with a grand bouquet for no reason at all. Wow!

Tips & ideas:

  • Try dividing your lily bouquet between several (narrow and tall) vases that you group together. This will create a completely different look.
  • Separate small vases with large flowers also make a nice table decoration. Place the vases on the corner of the table so you can still see your table companions…
  • If you have bought your bunch of lilies, cut a piece off the stems when you get home and remove the lower leaves. Put the flowers in a clean vase filled with fresh water and some cut-flower food.