Sparkling white bouquets for pure summer romance

Sparkling white bouquets for pure summer romance

Now that summer is almost here, it’s time for a seasonal change outdoors as well. After the bunches of brightly coloured tulips and cheerful daffodils, we’re ready to arrange big white bouquets of fresh gladioli and summery lilies in our vases. Or what about elegant calla lilies and spectacular dahlias?

Favourite summer colour

White is among the top of the top 10 when it comes to the favourite colours for summer flowers. White is perceived as the colour of purity and stands for simplicity and freshness. Just what we need during those hot summer days when we want a sense of coolness and tranquillity.


For the garden table, take an eye-catching vase and fill it with a number of gladioli, a large bunch of white lilies and some greenery. Or place various kinds of small vales, each with a number of individual flowers such as the elegant calla, throughout the house, from the bathroom to the hall and the bedroom. All the flowers you use can all be white but can vary in flower shape, flower size and height.

Let’s celebrate!

White flowers are also the perfect choice for a romantic summer wedding, birthday party or garden party. Decorating the table with little vases filled with dahlias and then placing large mixed bouquets here and there really set the scene for your event.