Spring’s ready to pop!

You can catch it all of a sudden: spring fever! That’s when it’s time to brighten up your patio or balcony with colorful pre-forced bulbs in pots. The perfect – and quick – way to create that sensational look of spring!

Oh, so easy

Pre-forced bulbs make it a snap to give your patio or balcony a spring makeover, even a bit before spring arrives. These bulbs have already been planted and are just about ready to burst into flower. Who said it wasn’t spring yet? They’ll instantly freshen up your outdoor space. If you place your pre-forced bulbs where you can see them from indoors, you can even double your pleasure!

Color + fragrance

Hyacinths were probably the first bulbs to appear as pre-forced bulbs. Even today, they’re a must-have, especially because their flowers have such a delightfully sweet and spicy scent. Combine white hyacinths sometime with white tulips to give an impression of elegance to your outdoor space. Or make a colorful statement with a single kind of pre-forced bulbs in pots: tulips, grape hyacinths or daffodils. Some daffodils even provide a fresh-as-spring fragrance. The season for pre-forced bulbs lasts from February until the end of April. Plenty of time to enjoy several kinds!

Cheer up!

Flowers can’t help but make you happy. And that’s exactly what happens when you start introducing pre-forced bulbs to your outdoor space. Everyday cares fade away while you brighten up your patio or balcony with these cheerful spring-flowering beauties. And you brighten up yourself at the same time! Inspiring ways to use and care for them are available at www.ilsysays.com.


  • Pre-forced bulbs in pots are also available as regional products. Ask for locally produced pre-forced bulbs and support your local growers.
  • By placing your pre-forced bulbs in white pots and containers, you direct attention to the colorful flowers. Because they don’t need much water, pre-forced bulbs are also suitable for use in hanging containers – and they look absolutely great that way.