Start the spring swinging with bulb flowers

Do you feel like starting the spring dancing? Flowers instantaneously make you feel like spring has started. Buy a nice bunch of spring flowers and start bringing the outside in – even when it is still cold outside!


Calyces and leaves that dance and swing in the breeze; spring flowers are colourful, fresh, playful and ooze spring. They provide the freshness we are all longing for and immediately get the house ready for the next season, so they are an indispensable feature. They are available as cut flowers or potted bulbs. Choose whatever makes you happiest!

Typical spring flowers

Spring flowers are available from January onwards. All it takes is just one trip to your local florist to get ready for spring. What about typical bulb flowers such as tulips, crocuses, hyacinths or grape hyacinths? Arrange them into a beautiful bunch in a vase or place potted bulbs in a decorative basket, pot or dish.

Tips for spring flowers:

  • Make several small bunches of different types of spring flowers and place them all over the house.
  • Use a clean vase for fresh flowers and fill it with clean water.
  • Daffodils produce a substance which other flowers do not tolerate. If you would still like to combine them, place the daffodils in a separate vase for one night. After this night, you can mix them with other flowers.
  • Buy your flowers locally so your they are fresh, and to support local florists.