Summer flowers boost your mood

Do you need cheering up every now and then? Flowers give your mood a big boost. Not just for a moment, but all day long.

Wonder of nature

Nature is full of wonders, many of which are not yet known to us. What we do know from research, is that flowers make you feel better. They reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and help you sleep better as a result. And did you know that flowers also help to increase your compassion for others? Quite an achievement, for a humble flower bouquet.

Typical summer flowers

The summer season is the perfect time for – you guessed it – summer flowers. These seasonal flowers enhance your experience of this wonderful season. Flowers make us all happy! Gladioli, callas, dahlias and lilies are typical summer flowers. That’s because they only grow outside during this season. They are grown with love, to put a smile on your face.


The current flower trend is colourful, without being loud. Combine flowers with contrasting colours and playfully arrange them in geometric vases that almost force you to look at the flowers from different angles. Using several vases helps with this, because they provide a sense of dynamic thanks to the height difference.