Summer flowers: just the thing to lift your spirits

Summer flowers: just the thing to lift your spirits

Did you know that flowers have hidden powers? Research shows that flowers aren’t just beautiful: we may not realize it, but they also cheer us up. People carrying flowers are seen in a different light: they’re thought of as being happier, friendlier, more outgoing and real go-getters. A restaurant with flowers is more inviting, and having flowers on a conference table reduces negative feelings. What could be better? Lift your own spirits and bring home some trendy summer flowers and experience nature’s fantastic effect for yourself. 

Sparkling pink

Pink summer flowers like lilies and calla lilies put an instant smile on your face. After all, their large, richly colored flowers make them truly unique. Want to attract even more attention to these eyecatchers? Just add a pink accent such as a pink ribbon tied around a bouquet. Or try something a little offbeat: paint an old chair hot pink. A pedestal like this will make your flowers really sparkle!

Subtle irises

White irises, like all flowers, will delight anyone. But irises can achieve this effect in a subtler way. These flowers are perfect for people who prefer a home with an uncluttered yet inviting look.

Tip: blue or purple are beautiful colors to accompany white irises.

A profusion of joy

Lilies are available in many different sizes and colors. This makes it easy to find just the right ones for your home. A transparent or white vase sets off lilies to perfection – all attention will then be drawn to this profusion of joy.

Tip: the secret to adding even more joy is to arrange lilies with calla lilies, irises and gladioli in pastel colors.

The joy of giving

Buying something for yourself is a wonderful way to lift your spirits, but so is giving to others. Just a small gesture can reward you with a priceless smile – a smile that makes you feel good, too. A bouquet of calla lilies makes the perfect choice for a gift. Their elegant shapes and luscious colors make them a bouquet of happiness.