Summer flowers: vivid colors & sweet scents

Summer flowers: vivid colors & sweet scents

Time to celebrate this colorful season with the most beautiful summer flowers like gladioli, calla lilies, irises and lilies. The vivid colors and sweet scents of these summer bulb flowers give your home an exotic look.

Exotic looks for home

Summer bulb flowers in bright exotic colors like hot pink, deep orange and intense purple are now widely available. These flowers are the perfect choice for an exotic multicolored bouquet. After all, summer is the perfect time for color, color and more color. For a sparkling sunny effect, a splash of yellow is simply essential. A bouquet like this on your table makes it easy to start dreaming of far-away places and sun-drenched beaches…

A colored vase for even more impact!

A transparent glass vase always sets off a colorful exotic bouquet or a single stem to perfection, but you could also go for even more color. What about a vase made of fire-engine red or deep cobalt blue glass? A colored vase intensifies the colorful look of your bouquet. The resulting effect is bubbly and vibrant – like being on holiday without the long journey to get there.

Flowers with character

The Gladiolus, the Calla lily, the Lily: each has so much character that it won’t be overlooked in any bouquet. So add them whenever you can! But suppose you want to emphasize the special character of a certain flower. If so, fill a vase full with just that one kind. Enjoy the extravagant look of gladioli – also pretty when combining more than one color in a vase. Looking for something really out of the box? If so, have a set of teacups (or teacups of different kinds) serve as a vase.

Care tips

Bulb flowers require very little care. Fill a clean vase with water and add cut flower food. Use a sharp knife to trim a small piece from the stems, and remove any leaves that would otherwise remain below the surface of the water. Place the vase where the bouquet will be shown to best advantage (but not next to the radiator or in direct sunlight). Replace the water – if necessary – so that it remains clear.