Summer vibes with flowers

Summer is on its way. Bring on those sunny colors, vacation and fun barbecues! There’s no need to wait for summer; fill your house with summer bouquets now to get that ultimate summer feeling.

Start the fun early

Bouquets of summery bulb flowers will help get you in that summer mood. The sunny colors and exotic flower shapes take you on an imaginary trip to a tropical holiday resort. They provide that feeling of anticipation in the run-up to the summer season with lots of sun, fun, freedom and happiness. Who wouldn’t want that? Better get your sunglasses out!


Lilies, dahlias, calla lilies and gladioli brighten up your house. This is because they are summer blooms with particularly shaped flowers. By bringing these into your home, you will imagine yourself on colorful islands with white sandy beaches. Choose the large flowers of lilies and dahlias, or the finer flowers of calla lilies and gladioli. These flowers come in both bright and soft colors.

Interesting little facts

• If you want to meet someone when you are out on the town, wear a
flower behind your right ear, according to Tahitian tradition. If you feel attracted to someone, wave the flower behind your head. This signals to that person that it’s time to follow you…
• Lilies originate from Asia, where they grow in the wild, but they can also be found in Europa and America. In other words, they are proper world travelers.
• The Greeks and Romans associated calla lilies with parties and pleasure, because the flower shape resembles a chalice that was used to toast.