The four trendiest Easter flowers

The four trendiest Easter flowers

It’s almost Easter – the holiday marking the arrival of spring. Easter also makes a fine excuse to fill your home with beautiful spring flowers. Daffodils, tulips, grape hyacinths and hyacinths are the trendy Easter flowers that provide that invigorating feeling of spring. Both as cut flowers or ready-potted bulbs, they suggest new life: nature is growing and flowering again. What better way to celebrate than to let yourself go by creating your own little spot full of Easter flowers.

A nook full of life
A still life can be lovely, but have you ever thought of a living still life using the four trendiest Easter flowers? Arrange various flowers in vases and put ready-potted bulbs in flower pots. White and yellows emphasize that happy feeling we associate with Easter. Place them on a large table or on plateaus of different heights. You’re sure to be fascinated by watching your bulb flowers grow and bloom. How nice – spring is here!

Sitting around the table
We spend a lot of our time around the table during Easter. Enjoying each other’s company during an Easter breakfast or dinner, or just chatting and munching on goodies from an Easter basket. That’s why this is the perfect spot to decorate with Easter flowers.

Tip: try heading toward the sky with cups or an etagère and put some little yellow or white flowers in the top cup.

The elegance of simplicity
But what if you’d rather create a more subtle look at Easter? If you do, Easter flowers are perfect. When you look at these flowers closely, you can easily see why: these are bona fide beauties with elegant details. This is why even a single stem is a simple way of creating the feeling of nature awakening to a new season.

Tip: put a hyacinth, grape hyacinth, tulip or daffodil in a small transparent or white vase. Or place an Easter flower on the breakfast plate. The result? The beauty of new life bursting forth.

Easter blue
Yellow is often used during Easter. This is because we associate this color with light, glory and the color of the sun – all appropriate for the arrival of spring. But maybe yellow isn’t your favorite color. No problem – simply use lots of Easter blue. This color is perfect for rooms furnished with many natural materials such as wood and stone.