Lily, the flower that says it all

The lily: the flower that says it all

The lily’s rich symbolism makes it useful for all kinds of rituals: from your daily Zen to celebrating those special days in your life. Discover the hidden depths of lilies!

A moment of reflection

Sometimes, exactly what you need in your life is a moment of silence, whether this is found outside surrounded by the beauty of nature or indoors at your own home shrine. To create this, set aside a nook to appreciate a beautiful little discovery or souvenir accompanied by a small vase holding a lily in your favorite color. Isn’t it wonderful to take a moment to make that important connection with nature by reflecting on the process of growth from the promise of a flower in bud to the fulfillment of a fully mature flower. You could even allow the lily to wilt to reflect the concept of transience.


White lilies symbolize purity as well as femininity so this makes them the perfect choice for the bride’s bouquet and wedding floral arrangements. Yet lilies can also add a deeper, more meaningful significance to other special moments in your life. Why not celebrate the close relationship with your best girlfriend with a beautiful table arrangement of lilies? Choose lilies in delicate pastels as a centerpiece for enjoying a quiet time of just being together. Or go for deep red or bright orange lilies to emphasize the sparkle and energy that typifies your friendship. But why not simply surprise your closest friend (or anyone else who puts a smile on your face) with a big bunch of lilies in every color of the rainbow just because you’re so glad to have found each other?


What makes the lily so versatile is its rich symbolism. Lilies help express the emotions associated with sadness and grief. Their purity, serenity and timeless beauty automatically prompt a moment of reflection. Just a single white lily can later create a moment of remembrance. Today, funeral arrangements are often made with lilies in bright colors to suggest the optimistic character of the departed loved one. What could be more appropriate?

Sweetly scented

The fragrance of lilies: you either love it or you don’t. If you do, you can choose from lilies in various scents, from subtle to intensely sweet. In Victorian times, a sweetly scented lily meant just one thing: I’m your lover! If the rich symbolism of lilies appeals to you but not their fragrance, choose fragrance-free Asiatic lilies available in an endless array of colors.

Enjoy them as long as possible

Once you’ve purchased a wonderful bunch of lilies, you’ll naturally want to enjoy them for as long as possible. So simply follow these directions: trim about an inch from the stems, making sure that the cut is made at an angle, and remove any lower leaves that might fall below the surface of the water. Carefully clean the vase and fill it with fresh water. And watch your lilies sparkle!