The look of Christmas without the tree

The look of Christmas without the tree

Would you rather do without the tree but still give your home that wonderful warm feeling of Christmas? Raise your hand! You aren’t the only one. This year, let waxed bulbs and bulb flowers take over the job of adding that holiday season sparkle!

It’s always time for family fun

Ho ho ho! You’ve heard the song on the radio for weeks: it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, Christmas is coming! Haul all of those boxes out of the attic because it’s time to turn the whole house into a cozy spot to celebrate the holidays. Time to snuggle in with family and friends and enjoy seasonal delights like a cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream. But before all of this, go ahead and indulge yourself with something new this year. No, not a Christmas tree. This year, deck the halls with waxed bulbs and bulb flowers.

Waxed bulbs

Waxed bulbs are flower bulbs covered in a layer of wax. Often, these are amaryllis bulbs. The wax coating keeps the flower bulb from drying out. But it also adds a glamorous touch to the flower bulb: the wax comes in a wide range of colors, including gold, silver, black, red and pink, and can also be dusted with glitter, tiny stars, artificial snow…the sky’s the limit. This makes the flower bulb a decorative accent that becomes even prettier as it grows and produces its beautiful bonus of wonderful flowers.

Bulb flowers

What home could do without bulb flowers during the Christmas holidays? Being seasonal items, they are closely associated with winter. Tulips lead the way! When tulips are in a vase, their stems continue to grow. Watched over time, they can be seen as a living work of art. But what if you’d rather have other kinds of bulb flowers adding to the Christmas spirit? Then choose from amaryllises, hyacinths, anemones or grape hyacinths.