The magic of Christmas with flowers everywhere

From the table to presents: make it all enchantingly beautiful with flowers. When it’s cold and bleak outside, that’s when it’s especially nice to dress up your home for Christmas step by step. Time to get going on three Christmas DIY projects with flowers!

Decorating your home for Christmas

The signs of the season suddenly start showing up: Christmas is coming! That’s when all the fun begins: time to gradually make your home look like Christmas. To really set the scene for winter, why not start with a lovely vase of amaryllises on the table? Then start adding a little more of that Christmassy look with fairy lights, stars and Christmas baubles. Little vases – filled with a single tulip or other bulb flowers – add a bit of Christmas to the hallway, windowsill, bathroom… Well, use your imagination.

Christmas deserves some glitter and glamour!

And then it’s really Christmas: time for decorating the table with a festive display of wonderful bulb flowers such as glorious amaryllises, fresh tulips and scented hyacinths. To create a botanical look, you could even use bulb flowers with their bulbs still attached. This way, they’ll remain beautiful a while longer.

Choosing colors: from wintry white to warm red

With white flowers – and a touch of green – you give your home a tranquil Christmas look: natural and sparkling. What about white tulips, amaryllises and hyacinths? But what would your home be like at Christmas without red? Then it’s time for the Christmas flower: amaryllis! Combine red amaryllis with pink and white striped ones for a contemporary twist.

DIY 1: flowers for the table

Make folded menu cards out of sturdy paper. Cut a hole in the front side and insert a tulip through it. Add tulips in the same color to the napkins secured by ribbons instead of a napkin ring.

DIY 2: Wrapping presents with flowers

Carefully wrap your presents with wrapping paper in a flower print. Secure it with glossy ribbon. At the last moment, insert a tulip under the ribbon. A simply gorgeous present to put under the Christmas tree.

DIY 3: Christmas tree decoration

Buy or make little bags made of transparent shiny material. Fill each one with a hyacinth with its bulb attached from which you have carefully shaken off the soil. Place the bulb into the bag with the flower sticking out above it. Makes a nice little gift, or use it as a pretty Christmas tree decoration that will also provide a sweet spicy fragrance.