The pure simplicity of flower bulbs

We’re surrounded by too much stuff and concerned about the environment. It’s changing the way we think. Accepting our responsibility for this means leading a simpler lifestyle. If this is what you want, start with an uncluttered look. Creating order by adding flower bulbs turns a source of stress into a source of energy.

Neat and tidy

Living in cluttered surroundings creates a sense of unease. Getting rid of everything you don’t need is like clearing your head. Having fewer things arranged in a recognizable pattern, along with including only pure natural products is absolutely essential. Reusing things gives you more satisfaction than buying something new. Having functional things that last is what counts. Bulb flowers are a good example: pure and natural, this is just what you want. The understated look this creates provides a sense of spaciousness and order.


An uncluttered room is a relaxing place to be. And creating this look isn’t even difficult. Toss out everything without a practical function or, better yet, give it to someone who needs it. Recycle old pots or vases and fill them with bulb flowers in blue, white and burgundy to enhance a sense of relaxed elegance. White bulb flowers like spring snowflakes, tulips and Grecian windflowers provide that extra touch of harmony and simplicity. Place them in a repetitive orderly pattern in a room. And then sit back and simply relax.