The role flowers play in the ‘Street Savage’ trend

There are three main trends for 2020: ‘Street Savage’, ‘Blended Cultures’ and ‘Inner Retreat’. Discover the role flowers play in ‘Street Savage’, a trend where freedom is key.

The spirit of the times

Until 2020, we were focused mainly on freeing ourselves from old patterns so that we could really embrace change in 2020. Now, we’re no longer on the eve of change but right in the middle of it. This shift is causing insecurity, because people think that change involves losing something instead of making room for something better.

Rose-colored glasses

The degree to which we fear or welcome the future depends on us: while it can’t come fast enough for some of us, others can’t handle the stress it might bring. While both attitudes involve aversion, they both embrace technological innovations that have a magical appeal suggesting a new, seemingly better world, as if we’re looking through rose-colored glasses.


Because technology can make everything look so perfect, we’re reacting by looking for authenticity. This is characterized by a great interest in imperfection and freedom. What then develops is a revolt against the perfect role model, protest against prescribed expectations, and resistance to imposed rules.

Flower trends

The growing need for imperfection and freedom mingles with street and urban influences from the hip-hop scene. The result is a unique impression that’s sometimes a bit raw/unfinished. Interior design makes use of industrial materials, strong colors and mixing visually powerful patterns such as graffiti and signal stripes.