The soothing effect of flowers

If you are looking for peace and quiet in your interior in response to the overload of information and the pressures of our performance society, the Inner Retreat flower trend helps to soften external stimuli. It is a soothing and ethereal trend, as if you were perceiving the world from behind a veil.


The Inner Retreat trend is all about slowing down. This trend is free of powerful colors or extreme shapes. The flowers have delicate leaves and stem structures that form a buffer between the busy outside world and the need for peace and quiet. Matt and transparent materials enhance the ethereal effect. This trend makes you feel that you can safely switch off.

Serene flowers

Choose summer flowers like Nerine, dahlia, calla lily and lily in light, delicate pastel shades. Complement these with soothing grass plumes in natural tones. Round, translucent vases and accessories with a soft, absorbent look help to reduce the interior to a room with a serene look.